Welcome to Onashowewin Inc.

"Onashowewin Inc. is a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to establishing restorative and holistic approaches for achieving justice that take into account the needs and strengths of the community."

The name "Onashowewin" is an Ojibway term that can be translated in several ways, depending on its context and how it is used. One way to describe the term "Onashowewin" is "the process by which we see justice". Onashowewin Inc. supports the belief that "by restoring, repairing and dealing with responsibility, accountability, learning and healing, we empower ourselves and our community".

Onashowewin is an Aboriginal justice program that works with victims and offenders, as well as community members and elders. It accepts referrals from a number of sources for both youth and adults who have been charged with a variety of offences. In addition to a case development model, Onashowewin utilizes a number of processes to resolve conflict where charges have been laid and these include victim/offender mediation, Community Justice Forums and conciliation as well as specific programs for offenders.

The approach of Onashowewin is to try and address underlying issues that have led to criminal behaviors and make the offenders accountable for their actions. The offenders may participate in one of the in-house programs or may be referred to other community programs, services or assessments. We accept both young offenders as well as adults at various points in the justice system. The objective of Onashowewin is to help restore, heal and transform relationships and the community.

Our organization values the Seven Teachings to the extent that it is a fundamental in the design of our organization and the programs and services that we provide. The Seven Teachings are used as our guiding principles on how we work within the community of Winnipeg.

Looking Forward

Onashowewin is looking to expand our mandate and services by way of heightened referrals, additional community partners and strengthened relationships with the Manitoba Courts, Crown Attorneys and Legal Aid Manitoba.

We feel that there is more Aboriginal people that we can assist. We know that we can do better and find more creative ways to prevent recidivism and support existing structures in Manitoba Justice. Our aim is to have a stronger presence in Manitoba's courts to ensure that we have the opportunity to help our people and alleviate some of the strains on existing services.

Onashowewin would appreciate the opportunity to be a stakeholder in creating a safer province and aid in a healthier Aboriginal community.


Winnipeg's Aboriginal Restorative Justice Program

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